2nd Chapter of Acts Collector Footnotes In the Volume of the Book


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Lista de faixas

01 Which Way The Wind Blows 

02 Goin’ Home

03 With Jesus

04 The Devil’s Lost Again

05 Love, Peace, Joy

06 I Don’t Wanna Go Home

07 Easter Song

08 He Loves Me

09 Good News

10 I Fall In Love / Change

11 The Son Comes Over The Hill

In The Volume Of The Book

12 Start Everyday With A Smile

13 Yahweh

14 Something Tells Me

15 The Grey Song

16 Now That I Belong To You

17 Ps. 63

18 Prince Song

19 Morning Comes When You Call

20 Borrowed Time

21 Last Day Of My Life

22 Hey, Whatcha’ Say

23 Keep On Shinin’

24 I Can’t Get Near You


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