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  1. See Grace- Booth Borthers
  2. Hold On – Dove Brothers
  3. Message Of The Cross – The Browders
  4. Just Pay Attention – Mark Bishop
  5. I’m Redeemed – Mitchel Jon
  6. I Want My Stage To Be An Alter – The Akins
  7. You’ll Find Me There – Triumphant Quartet
  8. Master of the Wind- Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill
  9. Old Convention Song – Mark Trammell Quartet
  10. Call Me Gone – Westin Hinson Group
  11. Let The Church Roll On – The Webbs
  12. You Do Not Owe Me – Phil Cross
  13. He’s Still Waiting By The Well – Greater Vision
  14. I Can’t Even Walk – Shawn Porter
  15. I’ll Live Forever – The Churck Wagon Gang
  16. Something’s Happening – The Hoppers
  17. Still Feelin’ Fine – Booth Brothers


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